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SNP Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd., flagship company of “SNP Group of Companies” is an ISO 9001:2015 company which is certified by ClassNK for safety & quality management systems, duly registered with Directorate General of Shipping for Recruitment and Placement Services and is a signatory to ITF CBA/ MUI agreements.
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The company is located in South Mumbai (India). The Company provides very specialized and customized Total Ship Management Services. The company has been servicing only dry cargo fleet for the last three decades but also has the requisite infrastructure and expertise to provide services of crew and technical management for Tankers, Containers, LPG/LNG Carriers, Reefer vessels and offshore vessels of any size or type.

Considering each Ship to be a business asset worth millions of dollars, the safe operation of which is completely dependent firstly upon its crew who operate it at sea and secondly on shore based professionals who focus on its operational and management issues. The company reviews these two important facets very minutely keeping in mind company’s name SNP (“Safe Navigation and Propulsion”) and its mission “Perfect Manning and Maintenance” of Vessels. Company’s goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound.

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SNP Culture Explained

Bringing the marine world to new levels

A good financial standing with Banks, Shipping markets and Registrar of Companies. As on date no defaults with banks and no creditors in business.

Excellent business relationships with classification societies, worldwide sale and purchase brokers, Insurance companies and brokers, suppliers, shipyards, port agents.

Our customer- focused culture. We take customers’ feedback seriously and act upon them promptly with total transparency in our business.

Our value added services benefiting our customers with our stamina, passion and drive to stay committed to our customers in stormy as well as calm market conditions.

Our word is our bond. We manage the expectations of our customers in a realistic manner.

Our Man Power - We have dedicated managerial as well as sea going staff who constitute SNP FAMILY. Our masters, chief engineers and some managers are in our employment for the last 25-30 years. Our other officers and crew are also trained in- house. We have enough manpower on our roster and have a backup plan ready to operate additional tonnage of all types of vessels as a part of our expansion plan.

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Our this belief can be substantiated by our successful
journey of more than 30 years in Total Ship Management 
business serving exclusively a particular group of ship owners.


S. C. Sehgal

Thirty Five years have now passed since Mr. S.C. Sehgal, an ex-marine engineer from Directorate of Marine Engineering Training Institute (1963-1967 Batch), laid the foundation for today´s Ship Management Company. Mr. S.C. Sehgal sailed with Shipping Corporation of India from 1967-1977 (served as a chief engineer from 1973-1977) and was deputed to Leningrad shipyard (Russia) for supervision of new building of two product carriers. 

After saying good bye to sailing, Mr. Sehgal served ashore with Univan Shipmanagement, Hongkong from 1979-1984 (as a Technical Superintendent in Hongkong office for over a year and for nearly four years in Mumbai office as General Manager, crewing). 

Mr. Sehgal had a vision to make India as a third party ship management hub similar to Hongkong. As such he shook hands with Univan Ship Management Hongkong and established his own identity by incorporating SNP Ship Management & Consultation Bureau in 1984 and SNP Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. in 1992 at Mumbai, India. Considering the business of third party ship management services as unpredictable, Mr. Sehgal was very keen to join hands with those shipowners who were looking for third party services to manage their vessels in totality on permanent and exclusive terms. 

Finally Mr. Sehgal’s search for prudent businessmen was over in year 1984 when he was successful in negotiating a desired contract with a group of commodity traders who were looking forward to acquire second hand dry cargo vessels for carriage of their in- house cargoes. The contract included sale purchase of vessels, vessels insurance, crew and Technical management of ships, Pre and Post fixtures follow up and fleet accounting. To start with, looking at the need of the hour second hand tonnage of tween dockers, SD-14 vessels, Freedom class vessels were inducted into the fleet which were slowly replaced by handy size, handy max and presently the group is operating modern tonnage of Panamax, Supramax and Kamsarmax vessels.

Our Services

Zero Distance: How we innovate

We have separate departments and office staff to conduct day to day operations of ships for Technical management, Crew management and Commercial management (Pre and post fixture activities, Sea security), Supply chain management and cost control, Safety management systems, Crew training and appraisal, Electronics and information technology.

Above are standard services of a third party ship management business but we have an edge over other ship managers as our all services are under one roof at one location and we have one additional in- house service of Ultra Thickness Measurement of ship hull structure duly approved by all classification societies whoseservices play a vital role in the Drydocking of ships.

The range of our services are not available only as a package but customers have the flexibility to select from the portfolio. In any case irrespective of any choice of service the customers have the advantage of only one contact partner who manages the ship management business and the services which our customers can have it their way.

Expansion Programme

Being SNP. Being MORE.

As said earlier SNP group of companies since 1984 is servicing ships of various exclusive group of ship owners .But now as a part of expansion plan of family ship management business SNP group is now in the market to extend its arm of Ship Management services in a close- knit manner to all worldwide ship owners who may entrust their assets to us for third party ship management or go in for joint ventures in line with our existing ship management pattern which is an integral part of shipping business. 

It is a known fact that a third party service is invisible and before a ship owner will entrust his floating assets worth millions of dollars to a third party’s care , both ship owner and ship manager are required to know each other well personally as well as professionally. SNP Group of companies is at disposal of its prospective clients for providing them all desired confidential information for mutual confidence and trust build up. 

It is also an undeniable fact that a considerable cost is involved to change over a service from one party to another especially in this undesirable freight and ship- value market. However decision of any change of ship management services during good times or bad times, sometimes becomes imminent for the betterment and is worth the additional expenses, subject to the new competitors bringing in better cost effective solutions with better standard of safe operation of ships and delivering to customer what they like. 

SNP Group can be safely relied upon In case any shipowners are contemplating any change of ship management service or if any others are opting first time to use services of a third party ship management company.

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